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Want joints that not only work and feel better but give you more ways to do all your activities and workouts better? The online Kinstretch with Kim course is a progressive series of classes that comes with extra coaching to assist you along the way. Get ready to learn more about your body and discover new ranges, body control, awareness and tissue strength you didn't know you haven't been training.

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More than just a workout or class, these modules will guide you with tips, tools, and the specificity needed to learn more about your body and movement.
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Weekly Kinstretch Course Outline

Here's what you can expect and get

  • Six (6) weeks of classes (lessons listed below) delivered to your dashboard accessible to do anytime, anywhere as many times as you like for the two (2) month course duration

  • 5-15 minute CARs Crash Course to breakdown to optimize joint rotations and assess ranges

  • 70+ minute pre-recorded Kinstretch with Kim class for joint care, body control and gaining new freedom of movement

  • Additional movement challenges and/or Pilates flow for fun after the work is done

  • 1:1 Remote check-ins with me (20 min/week)

  • THE KINSTRETCH SUPPLEMENT with past course favorites and additional short tutorials (available same day as pre-enrollment purchase)

  • Significant gains in joint health, body control and awareness, and sustainable increased ranges in flexibility/mobility

What online Kinstretch with Kim participants say

“I really appreciate how Kim takes the time to educate you about the Kinstretch system as you work through the progressions.  Her instruction is clear, consistent and easy to follow for individuals at any fitness level.”

Fitness Trainer, Univ. of Las Vegas Professor

Kristine B.

“OMG...I'll throw my arms in the air and wave 'em like I just don't care - as soon as they stop shaking. WOW...when I do get them up there it will be with so much more awareness that I've ever had before. Kim always delivers - and sneaks those super burner in there!! Love this course! Learning so much!!!”

Pilates Instructor, FRCms CA, USA

Sacha C.

“You are the best Kimberly, I enjoy the course so much. And I am discovering different muscles, feeling, connections in my body every week. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

Pilates Instructor, Scotland

Agi F.

“Fantastic course, and I can only talk about it in superlatives. Kim is a fantastic coach.”

Pilates Instructor, Austria

Eszter B.

“Totally unique and must learn for every movement teacher and practitioner!”

Doctor, Movement Practitioner, India

Dr. Sita B.

“Loved the course!  Learnt a lot about FRC generally but also about my own strengths and weaknesses”

Pilates Instructor, Australia

Lisa K.


  • What is Kinstretch and what are the benefits?

    Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion. Classes are a supplement to your current training/movement practice and should provide you with more knowledge and tools needed to care for your joints, increase body control, guide you through increasing ranges, and enhance overall performance.

  • What are the class expectations?

    During the two (2) month program, try to do the whole body CARs provided EVERY DAY. Take class with an open mind, a willingness to put in efforts and time to focus on your body. Weekly lessons can be broken up into 1-3 classes, depending on your time and needs.

  • How do the online courses work?

    Lessons for each weekly class will be uploaded by Monday 12am PST directly to your personal dashboard. Each class will consist of 3 lessons that are self paced. Lessons can be done as many times as desired. Once enrolled, participants will be emailed to schedule a day and time for remote check-ins.

  • What equipment is needed?

    Every class is different and will let you know what if any props are needed. I highly suggest having the following: A mat, (2) yoga blocks, (2) tennis or "pinky balls," a towel, a wall, and a water bottle. Some classes may need: 2# or 3# free weights, 3# - 5# ankle weights, a dowel (or broom stick), a physioball, suspension straps or hanging bar, and/or a chair.

  • What is my trainer's background and qualifications?

    All certified Kinstretch® trainers must also be Functional Range Conditioning® mobility specialist. I have been a certified Pilates instructor for over 20 years. As a former professional dancer, I have a background teaching dance since highschool to pre-professional dancers as well as high level competitive gymnasts. Taking my Kinstretch® class, I hope to give every participant the tools needed to supplement and be successful in any exercise program, sport, activity or profession.

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