Mobility and Pilates Modules

Train for strong, healthy and resilient joints, gain more freedom of movement.


  • What is the difference between the Kinstrech with Kim course and the Mobility and Pilates Modules

    Both will give you self assessing tools, work to gain more body control, and improve overall movement awareness and quality. However Kinstretch courses dive deep into mobility training, to increase and improve joint ranges and is typically available for two (2) months with weekly check-in's with me online. The Mobility and Pilates modules have unlimited access and will help learn to improve ranges you currently have.

  • How do I know which class or course is best for me

    Depends on what your goal(s) are. If you want to INCREASE ranges, improve joint health and EXPAND body control then Kinstretch with Kim is best. If you want to get a taste of Mobility training and see how it benefits Pilates or movement practices in general then the Mobility and Pilates modules might be better. Both together is the winning combo though!

  • What if I start with a Mobility and Pilates Module and decide I want to dive deeper into the work and enroll in a Kinstretch with Kim course

    AWESOME!!! Kinstretch with Kim courses have an enrollment period and then close so I can guide participants in the same course. Be sure to look for those emails or follow on Instagram to be notified for the next enrollment. And if you're really eager, schedule an online 1:1 session with me. They will only help increase the benefits once you're able to enroll in a course!

  • Are there any other classes or training offered

    YES! I will be adding LIVESTREAM Mobility and Pilates classes that will cover many of the Pilates and movement prerequisites that are addressed in the Mobility and Pilates modules but in smaller, shorter segments. I also do 1:1 online and in-studio training for both Pilates and Mobility training. Use the link at the top of this page to go to my main website for more info and to schedule!

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